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(Workers' Communist Party, Norway)

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Arbeidernes kommunistparti (AKP) is a revolutionary party working for a fundamental change (a revolution) of the way that Norway and the world is governed. Our goal is communism, a society without suppression and class distinctions, where a majority of the people - with the working class as the most important power - will govern.

Norway is a class society

In today's Norway capitalists hold the economic and political power. Investments, production, exploration of natural resources, trade and defence policy, laws and priorities at state and municipal level are in fact decided by this small minority.

In Norway this does not necessarily mean that the majority of the people suffer materially, but it does mean that society is ruled by the capitalist class. Their interest is in maximising their profits. This power structure applies in the rest of the world as well. Profit for the few decides life and death for the great majority of the global population and the future of our planet.

AKP's goal is communism

The AKP wants to be at tool for people working towards a society free from exploration, suppression and class distinctions. We define communism as a society devoid of class distinctions. In a communist society people will contribute to society according to their ability and receive according to need. Employment in the capitalist sense will not exist. This will also result in the disappearance of other forms of suppression.

Such a society is different from any we have seen so far and creating such a society will be challenging. However we believe that technological progress will make the realisation of such a society easier because technological developments makes it possible to produce the necessary economic surplus in less working hours - making it possible for the whole population to participate in the development and governing of the community.

Differences and conflicting interests will still be an important factor in this society as it continues to develop, but people will not be discriminated against because of the colour of their skin, which country they live in, religion, sex or sexual preferences. War will no longer be profitable and therefore unnecessary.

AKP's theoretical platform

The AKP studies Marxism in order to analyse our current society. But we also wish to develop these theories based on our own experiences. Marxism is a tool for analysing the world - in order to change it. It is not a religion, but at theory that must be developed and adapted to the society we live in. Marx and Engels showed how capitalism works on the economical level. Lenin analysed imperialism. Mao saw the power of mass movement and was also a pioneer in analysing the danger of a socialist country becoming capitalist and suppressive.

AKP develops its own policies that address the current situation in Norway

The world changes, and economic, philosophical and political theories must always be scrutinised and adjusted to fit the current situation. This is important because we wish to develop policies that address the situation in Norway today. The AKP has its foundations in Norwegian reality and in the Norwegian class struggle. This independence is an important reason of why the AKP survived the crisis of the international revolutionary movement. We believe that the Norwegian working class should work towards revolution in their own country. We are not waiting for "world revolution". The AKP co-operate with political parties and groups in over 70 countries, but AKP is not member of or part of any international organisation.

AKP is a feminist party

AKP is a feminist party working for a society without suppression of women. Women should organise and fight for their interest within organisations and movements, for example labour unions and parties - and of course within the AKP. We fight for the rights and demands of ordinary women whether it is the fight against pornography or for a six hour working day. Our party has developed new and important theories about women's position in society, both in capitalist and socialist societies.

AKP is an anti-imperialist and internationalist party

We support every nation's right for self determination and the right to use armed struggle as a means to this end. Supporting armed fights for liberation was unheard of in Norway when the AKP first fronted this position. Now it has become a more common view. The AKP has played an important role in the movements supporting the freedom struggles of the peoples of for example Palestine, Vietnam, Cambodia, Czechoslovakia, Ireland, Chile, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Nicaragua and Kurdistan.

Our support for people struggling against suppression is based on their right to liberate themselves and even though we might not agree with all their actions and believes, we defend their right to fight their suppressors.

Extracts from the
Peace and Antiwar Platform of the Workers' Communist Party (AKP), short version

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